AUTOMATION OF REPETITIOUS TASKSUsing our task management solutions, monthly, weekly and even daily projects can be grouped into organized tasks for scheduled or on-demand execution. 

DATA TRANSFORATION & DESIGN WIZARDSThe first step is to transform the data into an efficient reporting model which is designed for speed and ease of use.  Second, provide user friendly design wizards to easily create reports, charts, dashboards, binders and exports.

DISTRIBUTION OF SOLUTIONSMaking sure providers and staff have the information they need in a timely manner keeps everyone in the know.  BridgeIT Solutions allows distribution of reports to anyone anytime.

ALERTS FOR CRITICAL CONDITIONS - Data integrity and validation are critical components to practice management.  BridgeIT Solutions has the ability to set unlimited alerts for any data condition.

INTEGRATION OF EXTERNAL DATAThe ability to integrate data from other sources gives ultimate flexibility to create enterprise management solutions.