"BridgeIT has unlocked our report development allowing us to create meaningful reports without the need for expensive and complicated software.  We are able to produce dashboards that was unavailable thought our EMR vendor!" - Greg, AR FQHC

"BridgeIT gives us access to all our data for clinical, operational, financial, quality assurance, performance improvement and reporting.  We have developed a clinical dashboard that provides registry functions that outperforms anything we dreamed of!" - Pam K., NY FQHC 

"I can get to ALL of my data--NOT just what my vendor wants me to have in their solution.  Also, the speed in which the reports in BridgeIT are generated is incredible!" - Lyn, FL FQHC

"The customer service is hands down the best you can get.  Their staff 'gets' healthcare, i.e. financial and clinical.  If I am struggling with a data question and 'think' I know what my report should be, they offer suggestions and get me what I need." - Sandy, IN FQHC

"The company really understands healthcare and the data needs of our industry, both clinical and financial.  Plus, it makes me look like a rock star to be able to answer people's questions with the data!" - Pam F., NY FQHC